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Mechanical Seals Solutions
Mechanical Sealing Solutions has been at the forefront of sealing and sealing devices for over 10 years, operating in all major sectors.
We are a leading mechanical seal supplier in Durban, and KZN surrounds, and now have representation in Johannesburg, Gauteng as well. We sell and distribute throughout South Africa and into Southern Africa.

We specialise in new equivalents and reconditioning for all makes and types of mechanical seals, keeping our customers up to date with new technology in the field. We have a wide range of mechanical seals ranging from basic pool pump seals, right through to double cartridge seals for all industries and applications. We keep equivalent seals to all makes of seals on the market, eg: Burgmann, John Crane, AES and Flowserve.

OEM seals are kept in stock for all industries, such as dairy, chemical, sewerage and more. We keep a wide range of gland packing and other sealing products as well as a vast range of maintenance products, including metal free anti-seize, specialised lubricants and much more.

In addition to this, we have our own reconditioning center which is equipped to refurbish all types of seals to original specifications.

Here we are able to strip, clean and assess all seals. If the seal faces are in a certain condition, we have the means to lap all faces on our various lapping tables. We also have most spares to overhaul the seals, eg: elastomers and springs. This can save you valuable downtime and, of course, costs.

We have a fully equipped machine shop where we are able to manufacture spare parts for all mechanical seals.

We also specialise in converting pumps from gland packing to mechanical seals.

Due to customer demand, we have now expanded to include a fully functional pump services workshop.

We have the means to strip, assess and overhaul all makes of pumps. We have the facility to sand-blast and re-spray all pumps, rendering them like new after servicing and testing.

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